Container Terminals

Spectra is an industry leader in container solutions, catering to an extensive portfolio of clients in Sri Lanka. We manage a large inflow of containers from global shipping lines, extending our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to all our partners. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive list of shipping container solutions, including high security container storage and customizable container rigging solutions.


Container Storage & Handling

We provide you with sophisticated container storage solutions, helping you manage cargo and empty containers with efficiency and ease. Our storage facility, modern equipment and experienced yard staff have helped us become one of the leading container terminals in Sri Lanka.

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Container Repair, Rigging and Cleaning

Spectra Logistics specializes in washing, repairing and modifying all types of containers. We provide you with everything from customized Garment on Hanger containers, to precise container cleaning solutions.

With over 50 refer plugin stations, we are more than capable of handling all types of container pre-trip inspections, helping you ensure that your shipments use the correct container unit. This is highly beneficial if a particular shipment needs a cooling unit, recording device or standard temperature control.

Our Customers