Supply Chain

We help you piece together different parts of your business while providing you with multiple innovative solutions that are customized to help you consolidate your supply chain. Streamlining your supply chain is key to business success.


Warehousing & Distribution

Our strategic warehousing solutions and effective distribution channels allow us to provide services that help our clients reach their customers faster, improving customer satisfaction and boosting revenue. We also offer custom-built warehouses, designed specifically for your industry, allowing you to merge your warehouse functions with the latest technology and distribution channels.

Design & Optimization

Spectra is an experienced warehouse design company in Sri Lanka. We help you design a completely unique warehouse for your business, while identifying gaps, KPI’s and resources needed to successfully implement a warehousing and distribution sector in your business.

Outsourcing Your Supply Chain

Spectra has all the capabilities to handle your supply chain. Outsource your entire warehousing and distribution to us, our team of supply chain professionals are well experienced in helping local businesses improve different stages of their supply chain.