Container Depot

Spectra is an industry leader in container solutions, catering to an extensive portfolio of clients in Sri Lanka. We manage a large inflow of containers from global shipping lines, extending our expertise and avant-garde equipment to all our partners. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive portfolio of shipping container solutions, including high-security container storage and customisable container rigging solutions.


Container Storage & Handling

We provide sophisticated container storage solutions, helping you to manage cargo and empty containers with efficiency and ease. Our storage facility, modern equipment and experienced yard staff have made us one of the leading container terminals in Sri Lanka.

Container Haulage & Rental

Haulage Facility

With Spectra’s extensive involvement in maritime logistics services, we have the expertise to transport empty containers from and to the port of Colombo for repositioning or removal. Our round-the-clock operation and fleet of 100 container carriers will ensure vessel cut-off times are met.

We offer competitive prices and flexible options to ensure the best possible results. Our efficient and tailored service means we can scale our container haulage provision up or down to meet seasonal or customer demands.

Rental Facilities

With a dedicated fleet of rental containers available from various locations, Spectra can always offer you a suitable solution. We provide a domestic rental service where containers can be used for either storage or transport purposes.

Container Repair & Cleaning

Spectra provides shipping container repair & maintenance services at a best-in-class repair facility located within the container terminal premises of the Spectra Logistics Park. An in-house pool of IICL-certified container surveyors will ensure equipment, maintenance & repair services are executed to international standards.

Our services include:

  • Container surveying & repairing
  • Floorboard repairs

Container GOH Rigging & Upgrades

Providing logistics solutions for the retail and fashion industry has always been one of our strengths. GOH systems provide an orderly and controlled flow of goods through the manufacturing, inbound and outbound processes, resulting in improved throughput and increased productivity in the apparel sector.

Spectra’s GOH services serve a range of retail companies and have proven to be a solid support to their supply chain. All handling is based on customised operating procedures developed with the customer.