Contract Logistics

Streamlining and optimising the supply chain is the key to success for any business in this sector. Spectra serves a multitude of industries and companies that are involved in warehousing, order distribution and transportation. We have the experience and expertise to evaluate every area of your process and provide customised solutions to help consolidate your supply chain. From building warehousing facilities to managing warehousing functions, we have the capacity and capability to undertake them all. Our aim is simple: to help companies boost their efficiency by consolidating their supply chain by harnessing the latest warehouse technologies.


Warehousing Services

We offer reliable, high-quality warehousing services through over 500,000 square feet of managed secure and ambient facilities at strategic locations in Kerawalpitiya, Puttalama, Galle, Nittambuwa and an experienced and skilled team of professionals backed by our advanced Inventory Management System.

Distribution Centre Services

Spectra can offer a comprehensive distribution management service, encompassing distribution planning, carrier management, booking management and vehicle deployment & monitoring. Proprietary transport management system with built-in routing & load optimisation algorithms will be used to manage end-to-end distribution operations.

Value Added Services

Your business processes can be optimised by outsourcing certain value addition stages to Spectra. We are more than just a warehousing & distribution solutions provider; we help to add value to your products and services.

Logistics Solutions Consultancy

Businesses looking for an increased competitive advantage can tap on our consultancy solutions which will provide direction and support to drive improved profitability, improve customer service and increase supply chain flexibility. Our scope of services covers solutions for cost-effective and efficient warehouse storage, material handling, equipment design, warehouse process implementation, and distribution re-modelling, to name a few.

Public Bond Facility

Spectra Integrated Logistics, a leading logistics company in Sri Lanka proudly unveiled its newest service, the Public Bond facility. The company also offers customers end-to-end logistic solutions including contracted logistics, container depot, transport, and project logistics.

Tea Board-approved Warehouse Facilities

Spectra Logistics operates a Tea Board-approved warehouse facility, offering a secure and efficient storage solution for bulk tea. This certification ensures that the facility meets stringent industry standards for the handling and storage of tea products, maintaining their quality and freshness.

By providing specialized storage options, Spectra Logistics supports the tea industry’s supply chain, enabling producers and distributors to store large quantities of tea with confidence. This approval underscores Spectra’s commitment to quality and reliability in logistics services, catering specifically to the unique needs of the tea sector.