Spectra is a company that thinks about the Sustainability of everyone, such as the parties who are related to us and who have an impact on us. And also, Spectra will do everything that it can for the development of related parties.


Health & Safety

Spectra believes that good HSSE management is essential to the well-being of our employees and their families, our customers and all of Spectra’s stakeholders. Hence, we have an effective HSSE Management System to prevent incidents and reduce their impact.

Spectra advocates active feedback for continuous improvement and provides regular and rigorous training to our staff to ensure all HSSE measures are adhered to.


At Spectra, we understand the importance of operating sustainably while making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint. All our vehicles strictly comply with global and local emission and sound standards. We are one of the few terminals in Sri Lanka with a wastewater treatment plant.


We attribute our company’s success to our professional management approach, dedicated staff and the long-standing support of our customers across various industries. Spectra believes in our employees’ value and potential and seeks to constantly enhance their professional and industry knowledge by providing them with training and development. As the company progresses, we ensure our employees grow and advance with us.