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Spectra Logistics is a joint investment between McLarens Group and GAC Sri Lanka

Spectra Logistics is a joint investment between McLarens Group and GAC Sri Lanka. We are a premier logistics company, helping a wide range of businesses improve and manage various sectors of their supply chain.

We specialise in custom container solutions, integrated transport services, and industry-tailored supply chain solutions. We have successfully integrated our solutions into a variety of industries, helping our clients perfect their business and revenue streams.

Contract Logistics

We help you piece together different parts of your business while providing you with multiple innovative customised solutions to help you consolidate your supply chain. Streamlining your supply chain is key to business success.

Container Depot

Spectra is an industry leader in container solutions, catering to an extensive portfolio of clients in Sri Lanka. We manage a large inflow of containers from global shipping lines, extending our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to all our partners.

Integrated Transportation

Spectra Logistics is the leading integrated transportation service provider in Sri Lanka. Our vast fleet of vehicles and modern tracking systems allows us to productively track and manage our fleets, helping us manage budgets while improving efficiency.

Customs Brokerage

Spectra is a pioneer in import and export logistics in Sri Lanka. We help our clients effectively manage shipments coming and leaving from all major ports in the country.

Featured News

Spectra Logistics’ Bond Facility Provides Cost-Effective Solutions

Spectra Logistics has taken a bold stride in the industry with its latest groundbreaking offering: an advanced bond facility designed to provide cost-effective solutions for its customers. As a prime logistics solution provider in the country, Spectra Logistics has solidified its position for unwavering commitment to excellence, offering an extensive range of services, including contract [...]

Spectra Logistics becomes the key logistics partner in Jaffna – Kilinochchi water supply and sanitation project

The Jaffna Kilinochchi water supply and sanitation initiative formed a crucial part of the Sri Lankan government’s drive to furnish clean drinking water to 300,000 residents in Jaffna and Kilinochchi. Addressing the scarcity of potable water, the project significantly improved living standards in these communities. Employing Dual Media Filters (DMF), microparticles were effectively eliminated, ensuring […]

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