The apparel industry is evolving at a remarkable speed.


The apparel industry is evolving at a remarkable speed. Innovative technology and new consumer demands have resulted in businesses having to improve the way they structure and manage their supply chains. We at Spectra help apparel businesses take advantage of our advanced supply chain software and cost-effective solutions to boost their business productivity. Get in touch with one of our apparel logistics consultants for more information.


Providing logistics solutions for the retail and fashion industry has always been one of our strengths. GOH systems provide an orderly and controlled flow of goods through the manufacturing, inbound and outbound processes, resulting in improved throughput and increased productivity in the apparel sector.

We provide repair & maintenance services for shipping containers at a best-in-class repair facility located within the container terminal premises of the Spectra Logistics Park. An in-house pool of IICL-certified container surveyors will ensure EMR services are executed to international standards.

Warehousing & Distribution

We offer strategic logistic solutions for companies involved in warehousing, order distribution and transportation. From building a state-of-the-art warehouse to undertaking warehouse functions, we do it all. Our aim is simple, help companies boost their efficiency by introducing them to the latest in warehouse technology.

Import / Export

Spectra Logistics is a pioneer in import and export logistics in Sri Lanka. We help our clients effectively manage shipments coming and going from all major ports in the country. Our expertise in the industry makes us the leading choice in managing shipments, sorting out customs clearance and transportation of shipments to specified locations.