Spectra Logistics obtains GMP, GDP and HACCP certifications


Spectra Logistics was recognized by Bureau Veritas as a certified logistics organization for Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP. The accreditation of GDP underscores Spectra Logistics’ commitment to consistent quality management system throughout the supply chain and ensures the highest quality standards for pharmaceutical products in compliance with world health organization requirements.

The certifications were presented to Mr. Thushara Jayasuriya, Mr. Andrew Leach, and Mr. Daniel Nordberg, with representation of directors of GAC & Mclarens Holdings by Shan Nanayakkara, Country General Manager of Bureau Veritas.

Spectra Logistics has established itself as a pioneer in healthcare logistics within a very short span of time, reassuring customers, and stakeholders, that cargo is stored, managed, and transported in the best possible manner in accordance with global best practices. To achieve this milestone, a rigorous audit was carried out by highly qualified independent auditors covering various facets of Spectra Logistics’ operations, assessing every little detail to cement the merit of Spectra Logistics (Pvt) Ltd.

The GDP certification proves vital to Spectra Logistics’ progress and growth, further driving us to the future. It provides product integrity, product safety, reduces the risk of falsified medicine, reduces distribution complaints, ensures principles of GDP are applied throughout supply chain, reduces expensive mistakes and wastage, creates a culture of continuous improvement, and increases market share.

The GMP demonstrates our commitment to undertake procedures and best practices to reduce operating costs due to penalties and rework, detects faults and errors in the process and products, complies with the rules and regulations of the law, and increases awareness among employees and adaptability of a systematic approach.

HACCP Certification provides a management system in which food safety is labelled through microbiological, chemical, and even physical hazards. It is the globally identified method for identifying food safety methods and eliminating the risk related to the safety of the food. The HACCP certification confirms that the food products have passed all the critical control point requirements and are safe for consumption.

Obtaining GMP, GDP and HACCP certifications has provided Spectra Logistics with a competitive advantage, creating the credibility of the organization which enables it to attract foreign customers who are interested to trade and invest in Sri Lanka. Spectra Logistics’ future is promising with its commitment to quality and compliance. Join us as we continue to revolutionize the logistics industry in Sri Lanka.