Launching Spectra Logistics Facility


The launch of our ground breaking 25,000 pallet position facility, took place in January 2017 and we are thrilled to bring you an architectural image of the facility which was fully accomplished in the fourth quarter of 2018. The new facility will add to SPECTRA’S already existing stellar contract logistics capabilities while enabling our total capacity to accommodate more than 50,000 pallet positions in  Sri Lanka, giving us an even better edge to manage and maximize the efficiency of your supply chain.

Why Spectra?

  1. Fastest growing contract logistics company in Sri Lanka
  2. Full suite of contract logistics, warehousing and distribution services which can be customized to your needs
  3. VAS services such as:
    • Local market customization through date and batch code printing
    • Marketing initiative including promotional packaging, knitting and repacking
    • Quality checking, price and security tagging
  4. Advanced IT and automation capabilities for increased efficiencies.

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