Spectra Logistics’ Bond Facility Provides Cost-Effective Solutions

Spectra Logistics has taken a bold stride in the industry with its latest groundbreaking offering: an advanced bond facility designed to provide cost-effective solutions for its customers. As a prime logistics solution provider in the country, Spectra Logistics has solidified its position for unwavering commitment to excellence, offering an extensive range of services, including contract logistics, container depot services, transportation solutions, and project logistics.

The recently unveiled bond facility by Spectra is poised to transform the logistics landscape, allowing customers the flexibility to import and store cargo duty-free while benefiting from duty deferment. This innovative approach ensures that customers pay duty only on the portion of goods released to the local market upon actual release, resulting in substantial cash flow improvements.

Beyond its duty-free advantages, the facility offers tailored end-to-end logistics solutions for various stakeholders, from raw material suppliers to organizations operating under the Board of Investment (BOI), the Trade and Investment Enhancement Program (TIEP), and local manufacturers. Spectra Logistics also facilitates supply and distribution to duty-free shops and ship suppliers.

Strategically located within the Muthurajawela Industrial Zone, a mere 20-minute drive from both the seaport and airport, the facility ensures easy accessibility. Equipped with comprehensive CCTV coverage and real-time inventory management, it prioritizes the safety and efficiency of operations. The Spectra Logistics team, with its wealth of experience and operational expertise, is dedicated to providing cost-effective, tailor-made logistics solutions to multinationals, importers, traders, suppliers to local factories, duty-free shops, and exporters.

Spectra goes above and beyond to ensure total visibility of real-time inventory location through its warehouse management system, “GACware”, a software successfully employed for over 30 years. This software offers a complete solution for order management, supply chain functions, inventory control, billing modules, and the ability to create customized, query-driven MIS & KPI reports. Seamlessly integrating with external systems, it can be customized to meet various customer requirements, ensuring effectiveness in reporting, inventory management, task management, order processing, receiving, stocking, replenishment, allocation, picking, and more.

Setting industry benchmarks, Spectra Logistics holds several certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management, ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management, Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), and Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT). These certifications provide a competitive edge, offering customers the assurance of cargo safety around the clock. Spectra Logistics consistently conducts safety drills and safety audits to assess the facility’s security effectiveness.

Recognised at prestigious events, Spectra Logistics has earned notable accolades, including the Gold Award in the medium category at the National Logistics Awards 2021, the Gold Award in the logistics category at the National Chamber of Exporters Awards 2022, and the distinction of being the 1st Runner-Up at the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Awards 2022. Additionally, Spectra’s container depot has consistently clinched recognition as the best inbound container depot for the third consecutive year at the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Awards 2022.

As a trusted and renowned logistics organization, Spectra Logistics is dedicated to delivering an elevated level of service expertise to its customers. For more information, please contact Kasun at +94 71 022 8527 or Niroshini at +94 71 022 8522. Choose Spectra Logistics for cost-effective, innovative logistics solutions that set industry standards and drive your business forward.

Spectra Logistics becomes the key logistics partner in Jaffna – Kilinochchi water supply and sanitation project

The Jaffna Kilinochchi water supply and sanitation initiative formed a crucial part of the Sri Lankan government’s drive to furnish clean drinking water to 300,000 residents in Jaffna and Kilinochchi. Addressing the scarcity of potable water, the project significantly improved living standards in these communities. Employing Dual Media Filters (DMF), microparticles were effectively eliminated, ensuring a clean and safe water supply. In collaboration with Suez International, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board undertook this endeavour, and Spectra Logistics played a pivotal role as their logistics partner. As Suez International’s logistics solution partner, Spectra Logistics handled everything from clearing project cargo at Colombo Port to transportation and overall logistics, and the process was intricate. Detailed planning, including route surveys and considerations for bridges and electric wire lines, was imperative for success. The project succeeded because the team knew their stuff, worked hard, got government approvals on time, and handled fancy project equipment well. Mr. Thushara Jayasuriya, the CEO of SPECTRA Logistics, said thanks. He talked about how important it is to make sure clean water gets to the community when dealing with Suez International. Spectra Logistics, with a track record of leading diverse projects, sees the completion of the Jaffna Kilinochchi water supply and sanitation project as a testament to their team’s capabilities. The company remains dedicated to providing seamless end-to-end project logistics solutions for future endeavours.

Spectra Logistics Launches New Public Bond Facility.

Spectra Integrated Logistics, a leading logistics company in Sri Lanka proudly unveiled its newest service, the Public Bond facility. The company also offers customers end-to-end logistic solutions including contracted logistics, container depot, transport, and project logistics.

The all-new bond facility provides the flexibility required for customers to import and store cargo duty-free while obtaining duty deferment. Through this facility, customers will only need to pay duty on the portion that is released to the local market at the time of release, offering significant savings on costs. Furthermore, the facility can also offer tailormade, end-to-end logistics solutions on imports for raw material suppliers to BOI, TIEP, and local manufacturers. We could also facilitate supply and distribution to duty-free shops and also ship supply.

A 55,000 square foot with 9,000 pallet positions, the state-of-the-art warehousing complex located strategically in the Muthurajawela Industrial Zones covers 55,000 square feet with 9,000 pallet positions and comprises both racks and block stacking storage options. It is fully equipped with CCTV coverage and real-time inventory management to ensure seamless operations. Spectra Logistics team is highly experienced, operationally savvy, and geared to provide cost-effective, tailormade logistics to multinationals, importers, traders, suppliers to local factories, duty-free shops and even exporters.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers this new Public Bond facility, which further enhances our end-to-end logistics solutions,” said the spokesperson of Spectra Integrated Logistics. “Our team operates 24*7, and we have in-house supervision from Sri Lanka customs to ensure smooth operations. With this new addition, we are confident that we can offer customized seamless supply chain and logistics solutions to cater to diverse customer business needs while shortening lead time and delivering cost savings.”

Spectra Integrated Logistics is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service and expertise. With the addition of the Public Bond facility, the company now offers even more comprehensive logistics solutions, ensuring that customers’ cargo is in safe and reliable hands.

Spectra Container Depot Wins Coveted Industry Award for Continuous Improvement

Spectra Container Depot was honored as the first runner up in the Continuous Improvement category at the CILT (Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport) Awards held on 15th June 2023. The award was given in recognition of Spectra’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and productivity within their container depot operations. The key improvement areas were container survey automation, automated email generation, and automated report generation which was a novel concept for container depot operators.

Container Survey Automation

To streamline the container survey process, Spectra Container Depot implemented advanced automation systems. using cutting-edge technologies such as machine vision, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. The automation enables faster and more accurate identification of container damages, reducing the manual effort and potential errors associated with manual surveys. The automation of this critical process has significantly improved the turnaround time for container inspections and minimized delays in container availability.

Automated Email Generation

Spectra Container Depot also implemented an automated email generation systems to enhance communication with their customers. By integrating their operational systems with email platforms, they can automatically generate and send email notifications to customers at key stages of the container handling process. These notifications include updates on container arrivals, departures, repairs, and other relevant information. Automated email generation not only improves communication efficiency but also provides customers with timely and accurate information about their containers, enhancing overall transparency and customer experience.

Automated Report Generation

The third improvement was the development of an automated reporting systems to streamline the generation of operational reports. By leveraging data from various sources within their depot operations, automated workflows are created to generate comprehensive reports on container movements, storage capacities, maintenance activities, and other operational metrics. These reports provide valuable insights into management, enabling data-driven decision-making and proactive operational planning. Time and effort required to compile and analyze data were also reduced, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives.

The continuous improvements we have put in place have enabled Spectra Container Depot to increase operational efficiency, accuracy, and customer service levels which in return improved productivity, reduced manual errors, and optimized resource utilization. Winning this award is an honour and encouragement for us to continuously strive towards continuous improvement and delight our customers.

Spectra Logistics obtains GMP, GDP and HACCP certifications

Spectra Logistics was recognized by Bureau Veritas as a certified logistics organization for Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP. The accreditation of GDP underscores Spectra Logistics’ commitment to consistent quality management system throughout the supply chain and ensures the highest quality standards for pharmaceutical products in compliance with world health organization requirements.

The certifications were presented to Mr. Thushara Jayasuriya, Mr. Andrew Leach, and Mr. Daniel Nordberg, with representation of directors of GAC & Mclarens Holdings by Shan Nanayakkara, Country General Manager of Bureau Veritas.

Spectra Logistics has established itself as a pioneer in healthcare logistics within a very short span of time, reassuring customers, and stakeholders, that cargo is stored, managed, and transported in the best possible manner in accordance with global best practices. To achieve this milestone, a rigorous audit was carried out by highly qualified independent auditors covering various facets of Spectra Logistics’ operations, assessing every little detail to cement the merit of Spectra Logistics (Pvt) Ltd.

The GDP certification proves vital to Spectra Logistics’ progress and growth, further driving us to the future. It provides product integrity, product safety, reduces the risk of falsified medicine, reduces distribution complaints, ensures principles of GDP are applied throughout supply chain, reduces expensive mistakes and wastage, creates a culture of continuous improvement, and increases market share.

The GMP demonstrates our commitment to undertake procedures and best practices to reduce operating costs due to penalties and rework, detects faults and errors in the process and products, complies with the rules and regulations of the law, and increases awareness among employees and adaptability of a systematic approach.

HACCP Certification provides a management system in which food safety is labelled through microbiological, chemical, and even physical hazards. It is the globally identified method for identifying food safety methods and eliminating the risk related to the safety of the food. The HACCP certification confirms that the food products have passed all the critical control point requirements and are safe for consumption.

Obtaining GMP, GDP and HACCP certifications has provided Spectra Logistics with a competitive advantage, creating the credibility of the organization which enables it to attract foreign customers who are interested to trade and invest in Sri Lanka. Spectra Logistics’ future is promising with its commitment to quality and compliance. Join us as we continue to revolutionize the logistics industry in Sri Lanka.

Spectra Logistics – Quiz Competition 2023

Spectra Logistics HR team organized a quiz competition on 3rd March 2023 at the Spectra Distribution Center. A total of 13 teams participated, including teams within the Spectra, Mclarence Group and GAC. It was a fun, interactive and informative employee engagement activity. Our Group General Manager HR, Mr. Sajeewa Suraweera took on the role of Quiz master to ensure an interactive and lively event. Apart from the Quiz competition, one of own employee’s Rahula Karunarathne, Supervisor – Operations showcased his talent by entertaining the gathering.

Finally, the team from GAC Sri Lanka – Smartinis was crowned as the champion of the Spectra Logistics Quiz competition with Wikipedias as first runner up and Old timers as 2nd runner up. In addition to the Quiz Competition, there were also 3 audience questions with winners being Sampath Jayasinghe, Sanjaya Hasantha, Mahinda Pushpakumara. The event was a huge success and will be a definite add-on to our annual employee engagement activity calendar.

NCE Awards 2022

The 30th Annual Export Awards organized by the National Chamber of Exporters was held on 02nd December 2022 at Hotel Shangri-La, Colombo. Sri Lanka’s leading exporters and top entrepreneurs were recognized at the ceremony to commend their achievements during the year 2021.

Spectra Integrated Logistics was awarded the gold award under logistics service providers for exporters, the medium category in the ceremony, due to their innovative and synergizing service. This is the first time Spectra Integrated Logistics applied for NCE awards and won. The award is a testament to our commitment to providing service excellence within the exporter community in Sri Lanka.

Cricket Carnival 2022

Spectra Logistics celebrated another milestone of employee engagement activities by organizing successful cricket carnival for the calendar year of 2022. The carnival was held on 25th of August 2022 at G.B. Senanayake Maha Vidyalaya Ekala, grounds. The event was organized to enhance employee engagement and team building sprit uniting all four Specctra Logistics strategic verticals namely Depot, contracted logistics, custom brokerage and transport and project employees who operate from multiple locations.

The event was an opportunity for the teams to break out from daily routine job tasks and be more relaxed, gain motivation, improve team spirit which resulted employee work life balance and employee satisfaction.

The event commenced with traditional oil lamp lighting collectively by guests, leaders of respective teams and management of Spectra. Over 10 teams participated in multiple matches from all four strategic business verticals.

The finals was between Spectra Transport vs Spectra Container Depot. The final match was certain a nail-biting epic finish. Spectra container depot team managed to restrict Spectra transport team during chase and win as Champions from a small margin of runs.

The man of the series was B. B. D. R Perera, best batsman was W.A.N.H Gunawardama and best baller was A.D.M.H Keshan, the  awards were presented by Mr. Mahesh Kurukulasuriya, Group COO, director of Mclarens Holdings. The champion’s award was present by Mr. Thushara Jayasuriya, CEO of Spectra Logistics Pvt Ltd.

The cricket carnival was such a success. Spectra team intend to make it an annual event in coming years as well.

Spectra won ICS for the 3rd consecutive time

The country’s premier logistics company, Spectra Integrated Logistics (Spectra), was named ‘Best Container Depot’ for Customer service Inbound trade at the recently held Annual ICS Award Ceremony 2022. The award ceremony conducted by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS- UK) Sri Lanka recognizes top performing logistics providers in the country based on an independent survey conducted among numerous importers and exporters on the services they received for the year 2021. As a one stop shop logistics solutions provider of warehousing, transportation, customs brokerage and container depot services, Spectra’s consistent performance in providing the best integrated logistics services to our customers has helped us bag the Best Container Depot- Inbound trade award for the third consecutive year.

Spectra Logistics won two Gold Awards at National Logistics Awards

The country’s premier logistics company, Spectra Logistics Private Limited, was awarded two golds for both warehouse, custom brokerage at the recently held Annual National Logistics Award Ceremony 2019/20. The award ceremony conducted by Sri Lanka Logistics & Freight Forwarders Association, recognizes top performing logistics providers in the country based on an independent survey conducted among numerous importers and exporters on the services they received for the year 2019/20. As a one stop shop logistics solutions provider of warehousing, transportation, customs brokerage and container depot services, Spectra’s consistent performance in providing the best integrated logistics services to our customers has helped us bag two gold awards.